Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Second Chance Skeletons for Oldhammer Undead

If you have been following for a while you know I like getting second hand models in bad shape and then rebuilding them. i picked up another lot of second chance skeletons and they were just about a lost cause. I mainly bought the lot because of a group of skeleton horses included but I could use the skeletons too. Them they showed up at the door. Some were covered in paint so it looked like a couple had just been dipped instead of brush painted. Some were caked in super glue and others hand been repaired with gobs of rubber cement. It did come with a bunch of the old style bow and scythe bits from the original Skeleton army box. I tried cleaning them a little and them just dumped the lot int the simple green.

After a couple weeks and a couple different scribblings I finally came up with these. They are still in bad shape but good enough for me to work with.

This was probably the worse model of the lot. It originally was covered with paper soaked in glue to make it into either a necromancer or wraith. It didn't have feet to begin with and the rest of the bit came off when I cut off the paper robes. I debated just dropping him in the bits box to use on a terrain piece. Instead I hunted up some new feet. I pinned both the legs and then found some feet I had cut off for a mounted wraith conversion I did years ago.

I call him "Died with his boots on" I just need to add a bit of green stuff and he will be ready to go.

After a bit of work the newly based mob. I came up short an old style head and had to use a newer one. I have since found the errant head but will leave it for a later time.

Of course once I started trying to put arms on them I would break the legs off of another skeleton. I repinned them but the join was still moving and it was a matter of time till they broke again. Then it hit me, in the immortal words of Johnny Cash "I got Chains, Chains around my Feet". So a little green stuff to make the shackles and a section of chain from and old chaos marauder flail. It will keep the legs from breaking and adds a bunch of character to the model.

Thanks for reading.

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