Friday, March 7, 2014

Oop Skeleton Horsemen for Oldhammer Undead

I won another auction for a batch of skeletons in very bad shape. The up side was it had ten complete skeleton horses in the lot and they were in decent shape. My planned 10k of Oldhammer Undead I want to have two units of undead cavalry. I already have a unit of the old school style skeleton cavalry and some mounted Wights I just needed some more Horsemen to fill out the unit and these fit the bill perfectly.

I assembled the ten skeleton horses easy enough but it took me awhile to clean up and reposition the riders.

I have a wight champion and musician for the unit but needed to add a standard bearer. The skeleton body is the last skeleton from my Skeleton army box I bought back in 1990. I had saved one skeleton to use as a crewman on the skeleton chariot but never did finish it. The model has been sitting in various bits boxes for over twenty years. The horse and armor came from the latest lot of second chance skeletons and the arm is a left handed tomb king sword arm.

The standard arm is from the old style skeleton command frame. The flag is the old style skeleton banner with all the skull and bone bits trimmed of the banner edge and them mounted to trimmed down pole on it side. I think it has more action than just using the standard draped down banner.

The lot also lacked a couple long spears but once again I had a few of them left over from back in the day. Two more twenty plus year old bits finally being put to good use.

A couple of the long spear arms had seen better days but I was able to pin them on and just need to add a little bit of greenstuff to finish them off.

I plan to add shields once I get the left arms on them. I have enjoyed getting these together but my increasing backlog of models is getting even larger.


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