Tuesday, December 3, 2013

X wing minatures on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has came and went. I invited Chuckaroobob over to the Casa De Killgore to share in the meal and then get in some X wing gaming. We haven't played much lately but it is the perfect after dinner game to aid digestion.

Our model count is limited to the ships from two box sets so 2 X wings and 4 Tie fighters. Chuckaroo brought his Millennium Falcon to add to the fun. The boy took the two x wings with Fluke skywalker and Biggs darklighter teamed with Chuckaroo running Han Solo in the Falcon. I had the four xwings with Mauler Mithrel, Night beast and two obsidian squadron pilots with three having marksmanship. We lined up and went after each other.

Biggs ability to have to shoot him first, was bad while looking down the guns of four tie fighters.

Biggs gets smoked by the tie Fighters.

everybody turns, The two obsidian squadron pilots break left while Mauler, night beast and Fluke Koiogran turn.

everybody closes

Fluke and Solo finish Night beast

Fluke takes a walkabout while Solo stares down the Ties

Hard to beat four hits, Solo smoke Mauler.

Another random move by Fluke draws out the Tie and Solo bags number three.

a last desperate run but Solo Finishes the fourth tie. We had a great time.

Game two. This time Fluke is solo but with an R2D2, proton torpedoes and marksmanship while Chewbacca is at the helm for the Falcon. I took the same four Ties with three having marksman ship.

Chewy isn't as quick as Han Solo but three evades still beat three hits, no matter how quick you are.

First blood sort of goes to Fluke. A stunned pilot in a Tie hits him and is destroyed.

Fluke gets vaped after running around repairing his shields. Luckily Chewy had kept the Tie fighters interested by letting them shoot holes in the Falcon.

Down to Two Tie fighter verses the Falcon, until too close for comfort the third tie goes down.

Chuckaroo Says " LOOK INTO MY EYE!"

Switchblades in a phone booth, The Falcon down to a single hull point remaining facing a Tie with one hull point remaining. Chewy goes first and smokes the Tie. Game Over.

The second game was much closer. After the game Chuckaroo checked and the two critical hits that Chewbacca converted to regular hits would have destroyed the Falcon. Maybe next time.



eriochrome said...

Looks like the Imperials could use some more weight of numbers. Might be time to find an advanced or interceptor.

ColKillgore said...

You are correct, The Imperials are rather thin on the ground but I have it on good authority that a jolly ole' elf will help both sides out soon.


Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Nice write-up and miniatures, almost tempted me into buying the game!