Friday, December 27, 2013

A couple more Second Chance skeletons

I worked on a couple more skeletons from the second chance lot I recently picked up.

In the lower right you can see the two emerging from the ground skeletons. I am not a fan of that style model but cheap is cheap. I thought about trying to make them into regular standing skeletons but decided to roll with it.

The emerging torso model started with the tombstone on the base and a shield. The arms and shield made it almost impossible to rank the model in a unit. I broke the model and tombstone off of the base. I cut off the shield and had to green stuff the top of the hand back on. I rounded up another base and pinned it to the center. Then repositioned the arm and puttied around the base to make the disturbed earth. I took the tomb stone and glued it back on the base to add to my graveyard of  generic summoned markers. This gives me 21 models for a lot of 20 so not bad.

The second model had its leg cut off at the knee and glued to the base as a simple conversion. I used a bit of putty and made a ring of disturbed earth on the base. Once I get the base flocked I think it will look okay and once painted it will help break up the monotony of all the skeleton units.

More to come



Chris said...

Good work, I can tell those are the really old ones cause they are bone colored plastic. I wish they still did that.

ColKillgore said...

I see your point but I usually prime them black. Alot easier for me to finish them that way.

I just picked up another lot of second chance skeleton on Ebay but these are in a little worse shape but I picked them up for less than a $1 each. I call that good for GW skeletons. If I cross into proxy land and use my chaos hounds as dire wolves I am close to the 2500 points of core I need for my 10000 point Vampire count army.