Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chuckster Undefeated!!!! It's a sure sign of the Apocalypse!!!

Hi Kids,  We had some mini gaming action this months, here's the latest:  We'll start out with a couple shots of the Heroes HQ Apocalypse 40K game.  Up top that's the grabber ork machine about to inflict some mayhem on the Imperial Army,  and two of the right flank Plague Towers.

The Center of the Evil Hordes, including some custom built Mega-dredds!

The view from the right flank.  Some tough customers!  The game had a big enough turnout that Heroes HQ is planning on doing more games in the not-too-distant future.
But now on the other things.....
Down with the CatawbaGamers at Parker,Banner,Kent & Wayne's store in Cornelius NC, the World War One pilots were warming up their engines.  The set up was two bombers and some fighters per side.  This first pic is the two RAF RE8's (I think) getting hassled by the Fokker DR1's.  Just take a look at the AWE INSPIRING map!

This is Our Anti-hero Von Shootalot banking hard in his Rolland C2 to evade a Nieuport 17.

A DR1 gives up the chase and tries for a better attack angle, the defensive guns on the bombers are just too tough!

Furball!  A Nieuport mixes it up with a DR1, hoping to distract him from the bombers!

Just look at that precision flying by the bomber pilots!  Any B-17 pilot would be proud!

Things got hot and heavy, one DR1 has already gone down!

Pilots shot down return in more planes, in this shot 2 D7's mix it up.  Allied pilots return in Camels.  By the end of the game the British were slightly ahead; with more aerial victories and some long term servivors.  Sadly, I was not one of them, being shot down twice; in a Nieuport 17 and a Camel.  But then again, we all know WW1 games are insanely biased towards the DR1!!!

The after dinner game was MienPanzer via hexes.  Here we have some Russki T34/76, T70, and infantry.  To win the game you have to kill more of your opponents and there are extra points for the Russians advancing across the river.

Some of the Boch lineup, a couple Mk3's Mk4's and halftracks.

The Jerries move into position for some long range sniping.

The Chuckster leads the Russian sweep across the river, but three out of six tanks bog down!

Meanwhile, some T70's have blitzed the right flank into to woods on the German left, the Huns respond with Pioneer infantry assaulting out of halftracks!

The Jerries realize they're in trouble points-wise with so many Russians across the river, they move forward to close the range and try to take out the Russians not in cover.  I can hear the FoW players screaming from here:  "What?!?!?!?!  German vehicles on the move!!??!?!  I didn't know they had engines!?!?!?!?!"  @%##*$&#^@^*@!!!!"  One halftrack gets hit!

Meanwhile, The Chuckster moves to the edge of the woods and takes out a MK3! In the following turn I lose a T34 and take out the other MK3.   Intellectual Victory is declared! 

The action gets ugly as the Germans assault the T70's in the Right flank woods!  Most T70 and stunned or immobilized, but manage to crush the infantry with fire support from other Russians out of the picture.  Late in the game, the halftracks are trying to advance past the T70's.

The winners! Massive Russian forces on the German side of the river at game end.  The Huns had all sorts of whinging going on; river too easy to ford, woods too big, nobody told them the point schedule, blah-blah-blah....   But the real problem for them was their entire plan was "wait for the Russians to come out into the wide open field and shoot them until they're all dead."  The Russians, not being fools, decided to use cover and race to the victory side of the river rather than trade shots at long range with hulldown German tanks.  Needless to say, the German players were all rendered speechless by this unexpected tactic and spent 95% of the game waiting for the Russians to come out of the woods.  All hardcore gamers know it's just a matter of starting the engine and maneuvering, apparently the one thing NOT covering in Fascist boot camp.  If the German army really behaved like German players, they'd still be waiting to cross the Meuse River since 1940.

And the really amazing thing about this day o' gaming?  The Chuckster was undefeated!!!!  Whoa!!!!  Maybe Keanu Reeves can play my part in the movie!!!  We can call it  "Intellectual Victory."

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