Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery Datasheet

I have been working on a data sheet to be able to field a battery of Rapier Laser Destroyers in Apocalypse games.

Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery version 2.0

Consists of one Rapier Laser Destroyer manned by two servitors and controlled by a Techpriest Enginseer.

Add up to four Rapier Laser Destroyers to the battery for 70 points each.

TechPriest 3 3 3/8 3 1 3 1+1/2+1 8 3+
Servitor 3 3 3/8 3 1 3 1+1 8 4+

Techpriest: Power armour, Las Pistol, Power weapon, Servo Arm, Frag grenades, krak grenades, Blessing of the Omnissiah

Servitor: Carpace armour, servo arm, mindlocked gun crew.

Blessing of the Omnissiah: if in base contact with a damaged vehicle may attempt to repair it in the shooting phase.

Mindlocked guncrew: Without a Techpriest within 6 inches, on a D6 roll of 1-3 the gun cannot move. The servitor are slaved to their gun and cannot help a tech priest repair a vehicle.

Servo Arm: extra close combat attack made at strength 8 and initiative 1, ignoring armour saves.

Rapier Laser Destroyer

Low power 48 inch range str 9 ap 2 heavy 2 twin linked
High power 72 inch range str 10 ap 1 heavy 1

All guns in a battery must choose the same power setting.

I have changed several things from the original version, mostly by suggestions from the guys on the Apoc-Eclipse yahoo group.

My collection of Rapier laser Destroyers.

A closer view of the newer version.

I want to field them in the Apocalypse game next weekend at Heroes Headquarters in Mocksville NC


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