Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heroes HQ Charity Apocalypse game Mid Game

We continue the battle starting with Evil Side turn three

Abbadon arrives to stare down a full squad of Grey knight Paladins.

The Seer Council get surrounded by the forces of evil.

Orks charge into the TechPriest Enginseer. His Sacrifice will be noted In the annuals of Mars.

The Black Templars Spread out to make the Orks and Chaos pay.

The Orks consolidate after finishing off the Techpriest.

The Stormtroopers are charged by Dallas' plague marine squad.

They fight and the Stormtroopers survive.

Good side turn Three. Mort Brandysnap, two legged halfling death appears and stares down the Ork boys. Mort is my trooper Marbo proxy model.

The vets put another round of Melta gun fire into the back of the plague tower.

It suffers a catastrophic explosion and Dallas rolls snake eyes for the area of effect. So it only hits a few of Harker's squad.

My other two plasma gun equipped stormtrooper squads fire up the Daemon prince on our objective.

Nine plasma shots later the Daemon prince is dead.

Mort tosses his Demo Charge and hits every Ork but one and only kills three. Uh Oh.

As John's Imperial guard move on to reinforce our objective, The Shadow sword reaches across the table and destroys a Necron monolith.

While some Black Templars finish off the orks, the rest start heading over to capture the Evil Objective.

The Seer council repositions.

Chaos terminators move out from behind the destroyed defiler.

Dark Eldar flyer heads for the landing platform to resupply.

Eldar Sunstorm Squadron starts dropping strength D templates across the table.

The Stormtroopers survive another round of combat against the Plague marines.

After shooting down most of the orks the guard squad goes to ground after being shot up by a Stompa. The last Techpriest stands defiant, he never really liked those servitors they were from a bad batch.

The Orks charge the Stormlord and the Nob with a power claw misses all but one attack and it fails to damage the Shadow sword.

The surviving Black Templars in the Evil backfield fighting Necrons to get to the central evil objective.

The Plague marines cross the stream to get to the seer council.

The Stormtroopers fight the good fight against the Plague marines,

And the Stormtroopers finally fall. Behind them are the Grey knights that finished off Abbadon.

Mort Brandysnap prepares to finish his enemies.

Check back for the final instalment.



Chuckaroobob said...

Mort should've wiped out that ork mob! The dice must be cursed!

ColKillgore said...

See, I fail rolls when I play games, no matter what you accuse me of when we play.