Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heroes HQ Charity Apocalypse End Game

The Battle Nears its conclusion.

The Black Templars attack the last Necron Monolith on the Evil center objective.

A lone Black Templar suffers not the Xenos to live.

The surviving Nob bikers attack the rear of Hugh's Baneblade. These are the same bikers that earlier had killed the last two Ratlings on the Imperial right flank.

Harker's squad moves back across the field to get into the action.

My vets deploy to try and get some shots in.

The Imperial close the noose around Kharn and his surviving berserkers.

Mort and the Techpriest move up to take on the Orks.

The Templars still whittling away at the Orks.

And Finally finish them.

Several of the Seer council fall but still tie up the Chaos marines.

My Stormtroopers move in and set up a cordon around the objective on the Imperial right.

Mort and the Techpriest go knife even with the Orks.

Mort drop three of the boys, then the Techpriest does one wound and the Nob drops him. In hindsight I forgot to roll for the techpriests Servo Arm attack Cest la vie.

The Nob bolos his break test and uses his boss pole to reroll. It fails so he takes a wound killing himself. Mort stands triumphant!

The surviving Ork Stompa moves across the field laying down fire. The last squad of Ratlings continue to pin down the Dark Eldar jet bike squad on the other side of the building.

The Black Templars consolidate around the evil objective on their left flank.

Evil turn Five. The obliterator charges into the vet squad.

The lone surviving Sanctioned psyker still taking cover in the crater left by his chimera.

Good turn Five. The Shadow sword destroys the mega dread in front of the center Evil Objective and clears the last two Dark Eldar warriors on the good objective to its front.

Having earlier destroyed the Necron Monolith, the Templars claim the Center Evil objective.

Ultramarine land raider moves up to claim the center good objective.

The Imperial guard move up to reinforce the objective.

A lone Chaos terminator contests the left side good objective.

While the Revenant jumps across the table to contest the Evil Right objective.

The forces of Good win with Four objectives.

The game was a blast. The forces of Evil had more structure points of super heavies but losing the Klaw Stompa on turn one hurt them. I was happy with the performance of my forces and the Ratlings did the Legion proud.

The store owner Kris said he will tentatively plan an Apocalypse game every quarter.



Impcommander said...

He is gonna do Apoc games... Every quarter you say? Cool!

Hope to come next go round. Great batrep !

ColKillgore said...

The quarterly game isn't carved in stone but the idea was positively disscussed.

Chuckaroobob said...

So does the Marine player know half the Land Raiders are up-side-down?

ColKillgore said...

Yes he did. Between the Necrons and the dark Eldar they were popping one land raider a turn.