Monday, November 21, 2011

Heroes HQ Charity Apocalypse game Forces

On 19Nov11 I went over to Heroes Headquarters to play in a Charity Apocalypse game. each player had to bring at least ten can goods as the entry fee with the person bringing the most winning a prize. We gathered over two hundred and fifty cans and raised over fifty dollars selling pizza for a dollar a slice to the gamers. We had twelve players each with three thousand points, for a total of thirty six thousand points.

We broke down into Good and Evil sides the player and their forces were,

The Good
Jerry W Black Templars
Kris Ultramarines
Hugh Grey knights
Johan Craftworld Eldar
John Imperial Guard
Myself Imperial Guard

The Evil
Shaun P Nurgle Chaos Space marines
Dallas Chaos Space marines
John Orks
James Orks
Greg Necrons
Jim Dark Eldar

Now a few shots of the starting forces and their Deployment.

Here is my three thousand points. twenty five Ratling Snipers, thirty Stormtroopers, two hydra flak tanks, two griffon siege mortars, two Leman Russ Exterminators, two Techpriest Enginseer with full retinues of servitors, A vet squad in a chimera, three robots as proxy scout sentinels with autocannons and the Shadow sword equipped with targeters. I ran through several list planning for the game and was considering a very heavy infantry list but to decided to go small and elite for more playability.

John's Imperial Guard, note the Harkers vet squad and the sanctioned psyker squad both would prove very useful later in the game.

Johan's Warlord Titan which would sadly not see the table.

Kris' Ultramarines including an almost finished paper Thunderhawk.

Jerry's Black Templars, half of which are in a Deathknell Assault force formation.

James' Stompa and orks

Johan's Eldar Revenant Titan Conversion.

Johan's Eldar flyers, With Ork John, contemplating the doom of his enemies in the background.

Ork John's Metal Klaw stompa. Yes, I said Metal, fabricated from all steel.

Ork John's all metal Ork Mega Dreads.

Shaun's Chaos Defiler

Dallas' Chaos Rhinos

The right flank of the evil deployment zone. That is one of my Plaguetowers. I brought all three and loaned them out to the Chaos player for the game. This one was controlled by Dallas. James' Ork nob bikers lead the way to the enemy.

The Imperial forces facing them. Never fear the Ratling legion was stiffening the line.

I deployed the Shadowsword in the center of the table with the two Hydras providing AA cover. Jerrys Black Templar command squad holds down the center objective.

Hugh's Baneblade and primered land raider, Kris' Vindicator linebreaker squadron and my two griffon seige mortars face the evil right flank.

The Evil Left Flank. Here are the other two Plague towers ran by Shaun and some of Greg's Necron backing them up.

The Evil Center. Both Stompas are eyeballing the Shadowsword directly across from them as Evil takes the first turn.

Next post the game begins.


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