Monday, November 14, 2011

Ratling Legion Platoon finished

I finally finished up a very slow burning project, my Ratling Legion platoon. I have played in many Apocalypse games but rarely with my Imperial armies. I have been in the process of getting a painted Imperial army up to the ten thousand point level for big Apocalypse games. One idea I had was to paint up a Ratling Sniper Legion platoon to field. I had an idea about an Apocalypse formation consisting of Ratling sniper squads. I had one squad of Ratlings that I repainted into the new Legion paint scheme and I picked up more Ratlings to fill out the platoon. It has taken awhile but i finished them up last week.

Here is Capitaine Mort Brandysnap. A loner by nature he is known to disappear into the enemies rear area until he finds the right moment to strike a telling blow. The model is an old rogue trader "shorty" mercenary figure, it was later released as a ratling with a bolt pistol. I have had the model for awhile and use him as my proxy model for the "Sly" Marbo special character.

My original Ratling Legion squad. I added a "Fingers" model from the Last Chancer set to act as my tenth sniper before I picked up more Ratlings.

My Ratling Legion detachment, lead by Bently "Fingers" seconded from the Imperial Guard (via a penal unit) and joined by Capitaine Brandysnap.

A closer view of Bently "Fingers". He was one of the Last Chancer models that I have repurposed to use as a platoon commander/advisor.

Sergent Chef of the Ratling Legion.

A group shot of some of the lads.

One of the old Rogue trader ratlings. This one is a repair job. When I traded for the model it was missing the rifle barrel. I used brass wire and greenstuff to replace the barrel.

A mix of the styles of ratling snipers.

I am still entertaining the idea of adding to the platoon, I just have to pick up some more Ratlings. Their first time on the table as a group should be at the Apocalypse game At Heroes Headquarters in Mocksville NC 19Nov11.

Always remember the Ratling Legion's Motto "The Legion is Our Breadbasket"



sonsoftaurus said...

When I first saw this I thought you were using them as Penal Legionnaires. Rending Ratlings!

Impcommander said...

I like this. lol. I use my Hrud for this purpose, what with them being rats and all.

ColKillgore said...

I want to see what massed ratling sniper fire can do on the Apocalypse battlefield. Do you shoot at the ratlings or at the Shadow Sword? I doubt the three squads of ratlings would last in a regular 40k game.