Friday, May 11, 2012

Wargames Factory compared to Games Workshop, Or How I started an Ancient Persian army.

I recently acquired my first miniatures from Wargames Factory. I have seen the models online but never in hand. I saw a post about the Persian Infantry sprues being on sale and contemplated buying a bunch to use as Martians in my planned Victorian Science Fiction battle.I have been wanting to start building up a Martian army and until now the force mostly consisted of LOTR High Elves with bows and swords. I looked at some pictures of built Wargames factory Persian Infantry and thought they would fit the bill and at a much better price point.  

A close up of the Persian Infantry sprue. Two bodies, a pile of weapon options and several heads that look exotic enough to me to be Martians. I figured how many models I would need to get started and did the math. The final number came up to more than the Hobby budget could withstand at the moment. It would have to wait till another day.

A call from Chuckaroobob, a week later brightened up my day. He was at the Spring Fever convention in Raleigh, North Carolina and was at the Wargames Factory stand where they had the infantry sprues on sale for twenty cents a piece. That is right five sprues for a dollar. So I had Chuckaroobob pick me up Forty beans worth. Two hundred sprues that totaled four hundred models. This has opened up another option for me to build an Ancient Persian army along with some Martian conversions.I should have more than enough infantry models for a large Ancient Persian army and then turn around and use the same models as martians in my VSF games. The only thing I want that is missing, is a bunch of  Martians armed with rifles. I may have a solution to this once I get in my bits order from Evil Bay.

The the original object of the post comparing Wargames Factory to Games Workshop. The Basic cost of most GW core Box sets are $35 for usually either 16 or 20 models. So if you go with the twenty man box that comes to $1.75 a figure.

Wargames Factory on the other hand, I received four hundred models for forty dollars. To get an equal number of GW figures would cost me $700.  Of course, you might point out that I will need to buy bases but I have already picked up a little over two hundred 20mm square bases for $10.50. It comes up to around five cents a base, so for two hundred infantry it has cost me fifteen cents a model or thirty dollars. It ranks up there as the cheapest army I have ever purchased. I have figured out a Persian army for Warhammer Ancient Battles and now it seems I will need a box of Greek Hoplites, some Scythed Chariots, and a bunch of Persian Cavalry. The wish list grows again.

Time to get building



sonsoftaurus said...

That's an awesome deal!

I have a box of their hoplites; looks pretty good. Also a box of zulus. For cheap figs I'm pretty pleased with them.

Chris said...

You may have to change your online persona to Darius with that many Persians running about.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Wow, what a bunch of miniatures! I have also been tempted by them but was able to resist. I will certainly follow the progress of this army.

There one thing I don't get. They will be used as both persians and martians. Which flesh color will you use?

Best regards,

ColKillgore said...

@ Sons, I plan to get a box of Wargames Factory's hoplite tp use as Greek mercenaries in my Persian army.

@ Chris, I think I will wait till I build all of the Persians before i consider a name change.

@ WNT, I am leaning toward a yellowish skin tone. More Space 1889 Canal Martians than Barsoom Red Martians. A yellow skin tone may not be very accurate for Persians but it will do for me.

I have thought of another use for the converted Persians with rifles. To use them as Pathans for Colonial Northwest frontier gaming. I need to get some of these built.


Chris said...

You won the giveaway on

I'm super jealous, I totally missed this one and it was a way satellite dish. Congrats!

ColKillgore said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the heads up!