Saturday, May 26, 2012

League Sisters of Battle progressing

Between work and a trip to the medicae painting my Sisters of Battle 500 point league army to a basic three colors has taken more time than I planned.

I still think I can get them ready for tomorrows League Gaming Day at Gaming Underground in High Point, North Carolina. I made it by there to pay my league fee earlier in the week, so I just need to get two more colors on the Sisters to get them on the table. The league goes up 250 points each month so I have started working on my 750 point list. I primed up another batch of Sisters so I think I will have enough to field whichever 750 point list I finally choose. I still want to use the old Zealot rules for the league. I have a couple copies of the rules from the original White Dwarf chapter approved and plan to talk to the league organizers to see if they will allow it. I also found the old Deathwatch Kill team rules and might see if they want to allow them for the league for any one to use, we will see.

Since they are the Order of the Argentium Astrum, I went with a boltgun metal base coat and will come back later with shinning steel touch up and a silver highlight but for now they are going to war in Boltgun metal. I have base coated the tabbards, flesh, hair, leather and flames scorched brown. I am planning to go with red for their tabbards but I might go with a leather shade, sort of  Sisters in leather dusters. The repentia I have since gone over using the last of my Elf flesh. I think I have enough Elf flesh to finish the army but if I have to I will pick up a bottle of the new Kislev flesh and see if they are really a close enough match

Last, I have been planning a 2500 point list. The league has a campaign component where each player has a home world. If you lose four games to the same player that player has captured your home world. Losing your home world makes you play with less points while the new owner gets a points bonus. To take your world back you have to fight a 2500 point battle and win. You can ally with other players but have to split any campaign points with them after the battle. I have the 2500 points and then some of the Sisters, I just have to get them built and painted. If they let me use the Zealot rules I could field 2500 points of them and it will give me more incentive to get my last batch of Frateris Militia I won on EvilBay on the table.

I should be painting so Later.



sonsoftaurus said...

Rock on!

Hey, the color on the base counts, so I'd say they're at 3-colors!

Some folks last week were fairly monochromatic, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'd say they're playable now and you'll get them finished soon enough.

ColKillgore said...

I have done a bit more work on them since I took the picture and once I paint the faces on the power armored sisters they will be at three colors.