Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sister of Battle League Army

After running through several versions, I finally settled on a 500 point starting list for the Gaming Underground 40k Escalation League.

My original plan was a confessor with a small battle conclave but couldn't work one in under the league points restriction for non troop choices. I still decided to take a Confessor and since special characters are also restricted I broke out my old Missionary with a Plasma Gun to add a little firepower.

I then went with a Battle Sister squad with a Flamer and Meltagun. They are the utility squad. My plan is for them to close with the opponent and try for objectives.

Next I decided on a Retributor squad with a Simulacrum Imperialis and four Heavy Bolters. I have little idea what armies I will face in the league but four possibly rending heavy bolters will make a dent in about anything.

Last I choose a Repentia squad. I haven't actually fielded them before and most people deride them on the forums but I plan to give them a chance. Another reason is in my quest for building an Apocalypse sized Sisters of Battle army I have collected up almost forty of them and I want to see them on the table. I think they will either get it done or die in a storm of bullets trying.

Where to go next,

I think I will have to get some games in before I really write up a hard list for the next points level. I do have a few things I will add later in the League. One is an Exorcist tank or two. I have my conversion I built years ago and one of the new Exorcist kits still in the box but it will be months before the points level gets up enough to use them both. The next one is Uriah Jacobus and a Battle Conclave. I am not sure if special characters a banned the whole league or just the first round. I find out once I get started.
Last, I am going to ask the organizers if  I can use the old Zealot rules in the league. Compared to most of the 40k codeci out there I don't think the Zealots will break the League. We will see what they say.



sonsoftaurus said...

Four heavy bolters is indeed scary, especially at these early levels!

Look forward to seeing the painted ladies!

Wait, that doesn't sound right...

ColKillgore said...

I didn't include the Retributors in my first lists, I had Battle Sisters with multi-meltas to kill vehicles. Then I thought with the armor restrictions on vehicles, four heavy bolters will have 12 chances to rend and also tear up a horde of about anything. The rend still relies on making a Fath roll but If I was worried about that I wouldn't be playing Sisters.