Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gaming Underground 40K Escalation League

A almost local shop, Gaming Underground in High Point is starting up a 40k Escalation League on 20 May 12. I have been wanting to get in some more gaming and this will be a good chance. The League starts at 500 points and requires your army to be painted with at least three colors.
The front runners for army selection so far are Chaos Space Marines of a yet to be determined flavor, Catachans, or Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard. I have been working on getting my Sisters of Battle ready for the table but I don't think I can (or want to) rush to get 500 points of Sisters ready for the start of the league in a week.

The League has a set of campaign rules. Each player is considered to have their own home world and the games played are attacks against another player's home world, if attacking or defending your home world, if you are the defender. If you fail to defend your world four times a in a row to another player, that player has captured your home world and you have to try and take it back

I will only have a couple weekends a month to get to the store for league games because of work, so it will mostly be for fun and maybe get some more people into the hobby.



sonsoftaurus said...

With all the new Necron stuff coming out it could be a good time to grow that Admech army some more...

ColKillgore said...

I thought about getting some destroyer bodies to use as grav carriers for some heavy weapons but I have about a platoon worth of AdMech troops two thirds painted from the last time I ran them in a league and need to finish them first.