Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sisters Of Battle Defend their Homeworld again.

Time for the last battle of the day. I am playing in a 40k Escalation league at Gaming Underground in High Point NC. To stay in the League you have to play three games every point cycle. With my schedule I wanted to get my three games in in case I was unable to return to play again this cycle. Most of the League players had left but Will P. was willing to play me again. We diced an I came up defending again. This meant if I lost to Will again he would hold two of my Planetary control points and half way to taking my planet. We choose to move over to the wooded table for our second game, mostly because it was the closest to the fans. I spread out the terrain so I would have some cover to advance through and get cover saves against the necron shooting. The Limited visibility disadvantage hurt me as much or more than the Necrons last game so I chose hostile Terrain again to slow the Necrons down and Unbearable environment which gave the Attacking Necrons a -1 leadership and me a +1 leadership. We rolled for objectives and received three 25mm objectives and Assassins.  We rolled for Deployment and it was Dawn of War again. Will chose his board edge to attack from and I deployed the Confessor and Battle Sister squad on the objective on my side of the table.

 Will placed his Necron Warrior squad with a cryptek on one objective on his board edge and walked the rest onto the board turn one. The Immortal squad runs to get onto the left objective, the Wraiths come up the middle and the lord and other cryptek move up behind the Wraiths.

 I walked in the Retributors and Repentia. The Wraiths moved up the middle and moved up close to the Battle sisters but are just out of charge range. My turn the Retributors and Battle sister squad shoot the Wraiths down. The Repentia charge out into the open after the Immortals. So much for my plan to use the cover for saves. The battle sister hunker down in the woods and trade fire with the warrior squad on the right.
 The Repentia take fire from the Immortals but keep on a beeline toward them.

 A good run puts the Repentia into assault range and I succeed their faith roll. The Immortals kill one sister but one still lives. He rolls and breaks, the Repentia catch him and kill the squad.

 The repentia consolidate near the wounded Necron Lord.

 The Lord moves and uses his glove to flame all the Repentia, They all take wounds and fail their saves,.

 but all three pass their feel no pain and keep going.

 The sisters charge the Necron lord and chop him apart.

 Now that I have the Assassin objective secured I run the sisters and Confessor out of range of the Necron warriors. In hind sight this also took my one troop off of the objective leaving Will's Necrons the only one on an objective.
 The Retributors range in on the warriors. The warriors get cover saves from the Heavy Bolters because the Retributors are firing through the woods but they still down three warriors. The Warriors bolo their morale test and fallback off of the objective.

 The warriors fall back but don't regroup, they shoot one Repentia but the survivors close in.

 The Repentia charge in and the Warriors make their morale test and stand. The Warrior fail to kill either Repentia but the Repentia drop three warriors who don't stand back up.

 The warriors break and the Repentia don't catch them but stay right behind them with their consolidation move. This was around turn five and my Confessor and Battle Sister squad were just out of range of the other objective. We rolled and played a fifth turn.

 The Necron fall back again and shoot down the Mistress.

 The last Repentia Charges in, the Necron make their leadership test to stay and they fight.

The last Repentia gets her wish and goes to meet the Emperor.

Off camera the Confessor and Battle Sister squad move onto the other objective giving me a Major Victory for having both game objectives. As a bonus I recaptured my planetary control point and run the Necrons off of my home world.

I played this game a little better and my Retributors being able to get their heavy bolters into action made a big difference. The Repentia did an outstanding job and got a little lucky with their feel no pain saves. I am going to keep them in the army and probably raise them to a full size squad in the next points bump.

Another side note is the League organizers okayed me using the White Dwarf  Zealot rules for the league. I hope to be able to make the next league day to try and get three more games in get my max six games for the points cycle.



sonsoftaurus said...

Cool, nice to see the Repentia doing so well!

ColKillgore said...

I had doubts about keeping them in my army, but This game let me see their potential. I can add four more Repentia to the squad and probably will when the points go up.