Monday, May 7, 2012

Flames of War End Game At BOHM

The Lads at The Basement of Heaped miniatures have been playing Flames of War again. They started a Allies verses German late war game a few weeks ago. The start time was 1 pm but they didn't start playing till 3 pm and ended up stopping the game after the second turn and planned to return the next weekend to finish the game. That weekend was two weekends ago. I wasn't part of the first game but rolled in to play the German side for John Boy and Steve J, while Chuckaroo and Keith P played the Allies.

 Keith's Churchill backed British advancing up the left flank.

 Chuckaroo's Americans advancing on the Right Flank backed by his M10 assault guns.

 The German right with Panzer grenadiers dug in covered by an 88mm gun.

 The German left with more Panzer grenadiers Dug in in the ruined building and a battery of Maultiers with their Nebelwerfers. Another 88mm guns is under the Smoke screen to the left.
A German Pak opens up on the Americans guarding their objective.

Scoring three hits!

 German Panzer grenadiers cross the center line rolling up the American defenders.

Mounted German Panzer Pioneers prepare to attack British heavy Machine guns.

 British troops mass to Assault the German Panzer Lehr troops.

 After the Panzer Lehr repulse the British assault, the Panzer Pioneers make a run across the field for the British defended objective.

 Hubris, takes down the Panzer Grenadiers. After a second round of assaults, the American numbers tell and the sergeant falls last.

 The British withdraw to defend the objective.

 The Panzer Pioneers rush the British objective, while the Panzer Lehr troops leave their holes and assault the surviving British then consolidate into their position.

The dismounted Panzer Pioneers assault the Piat teams from the British Mortars guarding the objective. The British At gun destroys one Half track and bails the other two. The Mortars fail their motivation and fall back off the table.

The British return fire and kill the three Panzer Pioneer troops on the Objective. The two empty half tracks head to the rear. The Panzer Lehr advance and assault the British troops behind the objective, while the surviving Panzer Pioneer team and half track drives up onto the objective. The Panzer Lehr and the British are forced to withdraw further back. I think this is about the time Keith fired eight machine gun shots from the Churchills and missed all eight. I tried to take a picture of the dice but Keith snatched them up too quick for me.

The last two StugIV make an end run for the other Allied objective and stop too close the the Americans. Two Bazooka teams move up, fire get two hits and destroy a Stug.

End Game. The Panzer Pioneers hold the objective for a turn. British attempt to shoot them off the objective and then fail an assault. The Pioneers hold the objective.

 The Most valuable part of the German army were these dice. I think they are Steve J's and I believe they are the hottest rolling dice I have ever played with.

Chuckaroo also had an opinion and it would seem that those dice are now forever banned from play at the Basement of Heaped Miniatures.

I had a great time. I can not deny that the dice were in my favor. I didn't make every roll but I have to agree with Chuckaroo and Keith that I made every roll that counted.


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