Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sisters of Battle Defend against the Necrons

My second game of the day was defending against the Necrons. As Defender I picked the Limited visibility which made the Necron attacker subject to regular night fight rules while I was allowed to roll 2d6x4 for spotting. I also chose Hostile terrain so the Necrons would be in difficult terrain across the whole board. The Objectives were Assassins and Kill points. Assassins is where you have to kill the opponents HQ and keep yours alive. We rolled Dawn of War for the deployment so I started my Confessor and Battle sister squad on the corner away from the Necrons and walked the Retributor and Repentias on on first turn.

 The Sisters battle line as Will P.'s Necrons shamble down the road.

 I lined the Retributors up so they will get a shot down the road but I was unable to roll high enough to get line of sight to the Necron warriors.

 Will ran his Necron lord ahead of the Warriors and I was able to get the Confessor and the Battle Sister squad into charge range.

 The Confessor and Sister Superior charge into close combat with the Nercon Lord.

 The Confessor takes a wound but puts the Necron Lord down. Giving me the Primary Assassin objective, killing the Enemy HQ. The squad consolidates and prepares to weather the Necron gauss storm.

 The Necrons back up to get more space between them and the sisters.

 The Repentia had been working up one side of the board but are jumped by the Wraiths and put down. I am beginning to doubt including the Repentia in the army, for the second game they have been chopped down without a return wound to the enemy.

 the Necron Shooting killed several Sisters and put another wound on the Confessor but they draw their bolt pistols fire and charge into the Necrons.

 The Retributors try and spot the wraiths and fail.

 The combat goes badly and the Confessor falls. The Sister Superior goes down swinging. This makes up drawn on the Assassins objective and down two kill points.

 The Wraiths charge into the Retributors who lose a sister but kill one wraith.

 We wnt on to play a sixth turn and the Retributors wound the Wraith and finally kill it.

On turn seven the retributors finally manage to shoot someone but fial to put the Immortals down.

Another loss. Looking bad for the Sisters in the League. I also lost the first control point on my planet to Will P. In Hindsight If I would have run the Confessor the other way and he had lived I would have won the game Primary objective. If I am going to have a chance in the League i am going to have to start keeping the objectives in mind and not keep going for the long shot.

The Necrons are a mean army and I can tell why. At least two of the Necron players are planning to add scarab swarms when the points go up so I think I will be painting up at least a couple of heavy flamers to add to my army.

Come back for the last battle report of my first League day.


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Black Blow Fly said...

Great battle report as always !! Love those action pictures !!

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