Friday, May 4, 2012

Camerone Day Memorial Boardgame

The lads at The Basement of Heaped Miniatures met up and played a game of Larry Brom's The French Foreign Legion Board game.

Here is the game in all its glory. For some reason I cannot get it to revert to the original image.
The First Native attack.

The French shoot up the attackers.

The Tribesmen get their grappling hooks on the walls.

The Tribesmen gain the wall as the French scramble to counter it.

The Sheik has entered the Fort, and was promptly killed.
End game. The French have turtled up and shot down most of the Tribesmen. It was a fun game even though I was on the losing tribesmen side. The game was characterized by the French rolling ones to fight and the Tribesmen rolling sixes. I look forward to the next refight.



sonsoftaurus said...

Fun game! Entertaining trying to shoot the guys carrying the dynamite.

I remember playing the miniature version with the fort Larry had, that Comrade Bays later got (though I think has since sold, unfortunately). Good stuff!

ColKillgore said...

We didn't play using the dynamite, it was just grapling hooks, rifles and cold steel.

About the fort and Comrade Bays , it was sold but I believe it was without his knowledge or permission.