Monday, May 28, 2012

Sisters of Battle League Games Begin

I made it out to Gaming Underground in High Point NC to get in some games for their Warhammer 40k Escalation league. It is the second week of the league but I couldn't make it out for the first week because of work. I barely managed to get the Sisters of the Argentiun Astrum to a basic three colors but found people were more interested in actually seeing the Sisters of Battle models on the table than their paint job.

The league has a campaign component. Each player has a home world. On league days the players at the shop are divided up into Attackers and Defenders. The Defender is defending his home world and sets the terrain up and is able to chose two benefits/detriments from a list. I was an attacker and my opponent Will L. set up the terrain and as his benefits chose hostile terrain, which made open terrain difficult, difficult terrain dangerous, and dangerous terrain impassable for the attacker with no effect on the defender and limited visibility where the attacker is subject to night fight and the defender has to roll 2d6x4 for line of sight. the Defender has a big advantage especially with such small point armies. Here the armies are deployed with the objective being three 25mm objectives and kill points,

 This was my first game using the new Sisters of Battle White Dwarf Codex and my army consisted of a Confessor with an Eviscerator and a Plasma gun, a Repentia squad a Battle Sister squad and a Retributor squad with four heavy bolters. The entire table was difficult terrain for me so I knew it was going to be a long slog to try for the other objectives. I placed the Confessor and the Repentias forward to make a run for the objective on the other side of the woods, the Repressor camping on my objective and the Sister of Battle squad to make the end run for the other objective.

Will's army was Chaos space marines consisting of a berserker squad with a rhino, a plague marine with a rhino(proxied with a vindicator) and a chaos lord with a plasma pistol. Here he is deployed.

 The first Sister falls a Martyr for the Emperor. Will dropped his plague marine squad on the objective but the Chaos lord is still riding in the rhino.

 The confessor stands his ground as the Berserkers Rhino runs for the objective. The Confessor fires his Plasma gun and only manages to stun the Rhino.

 I decided that he could have the objective with the Plague marines on it and instead tried to kill the rhino a Meltagun shot missed so I ended up assaulting the rhino and miss with melta bombs and krak grenades.

 The Repentia round the woods and run a measly two inches toward the Berserkers.

 The Confessor explodes the Berserkers rhino but takes a wound from berserker shooting. The Repentia run to their doom.

 The Sisters blow up the other Rhino. The explosion kills four sisters and leaves the Chaos lord on foot. The survivors charge into hand to hand.

 The lord kills one sister but the others stand.

 The Berserkers bypass the confessor and charge the Repentia.

 Just before all the repentia go to meet the Emperor.

 The Fight continue as the Sisters wound the Chaos Lord twice. Then the Sister Superior gets killed and then the next round the Lord puts down the last sister. This put us even on kill points two for two.

 The Confessor backs into the dangerous woods and kills two berserkers with plasma hits.

The berserker decided not to chase him into the woods and  use their bolt pistols to down the Confessor.

A major loss for me. The Limited visibility really hurt me because I was unable to shoot the Retributor Heavy Bolters the whole game. In hind sight I should have made them do the end run and just shoot up the plague marine squad but you always know what you should do. A short squad of the Repentia are not going to win verses a squad of Berserkers. The Confessor made his points back that is as good as you can ask. The Sister superior went toe to toe with a Chaos lord and almost won. It was a good game even though I kept forgetting my Faith points and when I did remember them I fail the rolls. I would go on to play two more games that day, I will post their reports later.

Last a picture from Will's next battle

Will L.was playing a another Chaos marine player who did one of favorite moves and dropped his lesser daemons danger close to the enemy, that is the way to do it.


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sonsoftaurus said...

Awesome, glad you got pics! Look forward to the other reports too.

No real danger for CSM daemons, since they don't scatter.