Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WWII Japanese 81mm Mortars

I have finally finished up a group of 28mm WWII Japanese 81mm mortars made by The Assault Group. I first received these models 25 July 05. I had given Chuckaroo a shopping list for Historicon. I had copied down the package numbers from the TAG website and noted the number of packages I would need. I had figured the numbers I would need to field a Infantry platoon with support but made a big mistake. The packs sold in the US were twice the size of the packs on the TAG website. Where I wanted two 81mm mortars I ended up with four, where I wanted three Type 92 machine guns I ended up with six and so on. The good thing is it gave me a solid base to build up my collection.
I had originally based the mortars and crew on fender washers but after mounting the Chinese field guns and crew on a base I decided to break the mortars and crew off their washers and mount them on a 60mm resin base I had cast up. I fielded the mortars glued to a base in a Disposable Heroes game without the crew and decided that I wouldn't do that again.

Here are the mortars in all their painted glory. It only took me five years and eleven months to get them finished. I have four more washer mounted riflemen to use for the fourth crewman but they are still a work in progress.

Here is a little closer shot. I used the Resistant Rooster Japanese painting guide for the troops in China. They will most likely be fighting or supporting my Warlord Chinese so I thought this the most suited color for them. Now I only need to finish the rest of the army.



sonsoftaurus said...

I wanted to do some of those too but I ended up with 81mm 28mm mortars instead of 28mm 81mm mortars.

Michael Awdry said...

Good looking unit Colonel.
"five years and eleven months to get them finished" that sounds all too familiar!

All the best, Michael

ColKillgore said...

Another thing is I think I am going to add a few more packs to the pile. A command pack, some anti-tank rifle teams and maybe some type 100 smgs.

Does the madness ever end?