Thursday, June 9, 2011

4 June , Action at Lizardman Village, Forces

On 4 June 11 some like minded fellows and myself gathered at heroes headquarters in Mocksville North Carolina for a VSF game using the Sword and the Flame rules set. The Forces involved on the Colonial side were French Foreign Legion and a Detachment of Sikhs. The Lizards had a vast array of forces including the new Bombards.

An over view of the battlefield. We had originally reserved four table but an overflow on the card games league had us bumped down to two tables.

The Lizardman bloody altar and holy totems surrounded by the Sacred poppy fields.

The skink village and the properly emplaced Bombards. There was some various talk about the game being called "Defence of Firebase Skink"

The Royal body guard lead by the Saurus Warlord.

Two units of skinks and a unit of heavy Saurus Cavalry.

The Skink Shaman rouses the horde to battle.

Four Regiments of Saurus and a unit of flying Teradon cavalry.

A better view of the Teradon Cavalry.

The Saurus Cavalry get ready for the coming battle.

A Skink Chief commands two of the Bombards.

A late arrival, the Parrotmen armed with rifles occupy the village.

The French forces advance onto the field.

The Sikh expedition lead by their Lancers advance onto the field.

The Red Man issues orders for the attack.

The French prepare to move up their machine guns.

The French Guns prep for movement.

Next time the battle begins.

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