Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day Zeppelin

After a weekend packed with family get togethers, We finally arrived back at Casa De Killgore and I recieved my Father's Day Zeppelin. It is a 1/245th scale Graf Zeppelin made by Hawk models. I had looked at the model at the local Ollies' store but didn't get it. I braved the "It won't be there when you come back curse." and when we came back, one was gone but I didn't notice.

Here is the Young Master holding the kit.

Here is a shot of the hull piece's. I thought the model would have more sprues but the two piece hull works for me. Now the question is a straight historical build or jazz it up and make the Armored Zeppelin of DOOM!!!



sonsoftaurus said...


I wonder if you could build the ahistorical extras in a way that they could fit over/attach to the regular model and get both options.

ColKillgore said...

I am leaning toward just building it as a gaming centerpiece. I don't like models that you just look at. I want a model to use in a game, even if it is only as background. I don't know if I will go toward a zeppelin battleship but I an thinking I will at least put a few defensive flak guns and a bomb bay/cargo hold to mount the Mastermind's lightining cannon.

sonsoftaurus said...

Not to mention parachute-deployed barrels of attack monkeys!

If budget is a concern, you can always skimp on the parachutes - some of the monkeys are bound to survive.

Chuckaroobob said...


Colonel O'Truth said...

That thing is awesome! Go nuts with it!

I can heartily recommend the Oswald Bastable Chronicles by Michael Moorcock for inspiration.

Add guns, bombs, extra engines... and then add more!