Friday, June 10, 2011

4 June , Action at Lizardman village, Opening moves

The French Governor General was clear in his dispatch. The rebellious lizards would have to made an example of. They may be savages but they would learn to accept their place in the French Protectorate and support their government in Neu Paris. The expedition was organized quickly and with a levy of Sikh troops they marched into the jungle ready to dispense civilization and order at the point of a bayonet.

The French Cavalry advance down the flank scouting for the Lizard advance troops.

The French column advances through the pass toward the rebellious village.

Skink reserves stream through the village anxious to close with the earth men.

The Skink gunners ready their guns as the Royal body guard advance.

Roused to a fervor by the Skink shaman the Saurus regiments swarm forward.

The flying teradon cavalry advance behind the Saurus.

Spotting the Lizard forward troops the French form a battle line.

The Zouaves advance through the swamp to protect the French flank.

Sikh lancers advance around thick cover to find the Parrotmen rifles waiting.

The Legionaries manhandle their machine guns to the top of the pass.

A group of skinks charge into the Sikh infantry.

The French cavalry advance past the Saurus in the woods.

The Sikhs see off the skink but not before being bloodied.

The Legionaries having broken one unit of Saurus continue to fight off the second unit.

The French see off the second unit of Saurus destroying them.

The Saurus charge the Cavalry.

The Cavalry flee the Saurus charge.

The Parrotmen sneak into the swamp to try and flank the Zouaves.

The Saurus heavy Cavalry advance toward the Sikh line.

The leaderless Skinks regroup behind cover.

The Zouaves form square as they take murderous fire from the Skink Bombards.

The leaderless Heavy Cavalry fail to close on the charge.

The Royal guard and Saurus warlord continue their advance toward the Sikhs.

The Parrotmen continue to sneak around in the swamp looking for an opportunity to attack.

A Saurus regiment masses for the charge supported by a Skink regiment.

The Saurus Heavy cavalry charge the Sikh Square and learn how bad a decision that was. As they flee a unit of Skinks mass to try another attempt at the Sikh line.

In the fungus forest a Skink unit takes the fight to the Legionaries lead by the Red Man.

Another victory for the Legion!

In the center of the field things look bad for the Zouave square. Units of skinks charge the square.

Is this the end of the Zouaves? Will the Red Man gain even more glory? Will the french finish walking into the Lizardman bombards?

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Michael Awdry said...

This looked like it was seriously good fun! Great stuff Colonel K.

ColKillgore said...

This game is a continuation of a series of Soldiers Companion games we played back in 2005. Those games started the French Foriegn Legion on Venus theme. The original games had the Lizards backed by German Schutzetruppe and a battery of Pom Pom guns and later a Zepplin and aeroplane.
We had many in character posts written like news flashes from the front on a locally run forum, when the moderator decided that the games weren't historical enough and deleted them.
Losing those posts is one of the reasons why I started this blog. At least I could control what was deleted here. Thanks for looking I should have the rest of the battle picture ready to post by the first of the week.


Stuart said...

Inspirational stuff. Seriously thinking of finishing off my Lizardman army just so I can pit them against my British. Tally ho!

ColKillgore said...

The Lizardmen are a good multi genre army. You can use them in Pulp, Weird World War II, VSF, Fantasy, Space Opera/Sci-Fi and more. They can also cross scales using 28mm lizards as giant lizards in 1/72nd and 15mm games.

The only thing missing is a dedicated lizardman askari model with a bolt action rifle for VSF gaming. The kroot/parrotman are a good stop gap to play with butone day I still want to see a lizardman in pantaloons wearing a fez and carrying a mauser rifle.