Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Warlord Chinese Attack British Interlopers

I went to the Basement of Heaped Miniatures for a game of Disposeable Heroes. It was my Warlord Chinese versus Chuckaroo's British. I didn't have the camera for the first part of the game but was able to take some late game pictures.

The basic scenario is Chukaroo had 1500 points of British defending and I had 2000 points of Chinese attacking.

My 2000 points consisted of two rifle platoons with four squads, one squad in each armed with explosives, a big sword platoon with three squads, all armed with explosives, four 81mm mortars and a T26b light tank.

Chuckaroo's army consisted of a couple platoons of British, some pioneers a few gun and a the British secret weapons Boys Antitank rifle teams.

Some highlights of the game is the Boys ATR immobilizing my T26 early in the game. One big sword squad failing two pin tests and advancing twice across the table then getting pinned. the next turn they were pinned again and rallied all big sword units. We made a new understanding of heavy weapons and their ability to hit two units and the new ultimate weapon of mortar delivered smoke screens.

Some late game pictures.

Here a big sword platoon breaks out of the swamp again. They had already failed morale tests a couple times earlier and advanced way ahead of the rest of the platoon. That lead to them being caught in a cross fire from the British.

The rest of the big sword platoon trying to catch up with the first squad.

One rifle squad taking cover in the swamp to the right, while the other squad tries to advance.

Brits in the central building hunker down while the Chinese mass for a charge.

The T26 immobilized and the front squad still trying to advance.

The M3Stuart decides to move up and try and finish off the Big Sword Platoon.

One thing I like about the games we have been playing is the M3 Stuart is the King of the battle field.

Another fun game but we didn't get to really play to completion.

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Chuckaroobob said...

Of course we played to a conclusion. I won big!