Monday, June 13, 2011

4 June . Action at Lizardman Village, Mid Engagement

This is the third episode covering a VSF Sword and The Flame game played at Heroes Headquarters in Mocksville North Carolina by some of the Basement of Heaped Miniatures and Catawba Gamer Regulars.

When we left, the Zouave Regiment was being swarmed by Skinks.

A unit of Foreign Legion line infantry charges in to help the Zouaves, and roll the dreaded three ones. They fall far short of the combat.

Another unit of skinks tries to close with the Sikhs

The Royal bodyguard and Saurus Warlord break cover to close with the Sikhs and run headlong into a wall of fire. The parrotmen on the other hand set a a deadly fire on the Sikh flank.

A skink regiment charges into the Cavalry flank only to be destroyed, with the survivors fleeing the battle.

French guns gain the range of the Lizard bombards and start picking off the crew.

The Skink chief survives as the first Bombard is destroyed.

A regiment of saurus charge the weakened Legionaire line.

The Saurus strike down the officer but the Legionaries repulse the attack.

The Skinks break the Zouave square!

The lone surviving Zouave drags the Colonel's body off of the field.

The legionaries from square along with the cannon. The leaderless Skinks
mill around working up their courage.

Long range fire from the Lizard bombards tear bloody swaths from the French line.

Chuckaroo is not amused, There is some discussion of him climbing on the table, squatting and leaving a curly loaf in the middle to show his displeasure at my slightly above average rolling for the Bombards, but I digress.

The now leaderless Royal bodyguard charge into the Sikh gun. The parrotmen continue to whittle down the unit of Sikh infantry.

The French Cavalry trample through the sacred poppy field and are cut down by lizard canister from the Bombards.

After the French cannon is destroyed by long range bombard fire, the leaderless skinks charge the Legionaire square.

The skinks are butchered with no losses to the square. The few survivors either play dead or flee the field.

As weakened Lizard units start to break and flee the field the Legionaries move into open order and advance on the Bombard defended hill.

Can the Lizard guns carry the day?

We will see in the final episode.



sonsoftaurus said...

Next time you guys break out the lizards in Mocksville, the stegadon eggs are nesting there now should you want to use them.

ColKillgore said...

That would be neat. nothing like the Lizards defending their nesting ground from the Earthmen.


Chuckaroobob said...

Slightly above average dice rolls? I still haven't figured out how you consistently rolled 25+ hits on 8 dice........
Lizards must have some kinda voodoo going on! And I'm still afraid to go to the bathroom.

ColKillgore said...

@ Chuckaroo, "25+ hits on 8 dice" What happened to clear and true reporting?


Chuckaroobob said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out not one time in the game did I come over and look at your dice rolls; regardless of how amazing they were. I just assured myself that there must be something about d20's, jungle drums, serpents and rainbows.