Monday, June 27, 2011

Disposable Heroes in the Far East, China vs. Brit/Sikhs

Hi kids, These are some pix from a 25/28mm game we played at the Basement of Heaped Miniatures a little while ago. It was Disposable Heroes. We had the Wretched Chinese Forces of Col. Kilgore vs. the Clean Living Always-Kind-to-Animals Brits officered by me. Here we have a shot of the unwashed masses massing up for the attack, using the huge swamp and elephant grass to cover their approach.

The yellow peril jumps off from their starting positions.

Off near the right flank, the Loyal Sikhs await the foe. That might be an ATR gunner near the unit.

The wiley Col has been reading the rules again! He's discovered the joys of smoke and mortars! That cloud is to protect his unruly mobs from the Rightous Gunfire of an M3 Stuart tank and some Anti-tank rifles (my own secret weapon).

The Col likes his new terror weapon to such a degree that smoke shells are soon raining down all over the battlefield, where ever an enemy heavy weapon is located! Here we have smoke clouds obscuring Boyes ATR's, snipers, HMG's, and a QF gun.

The Chinese creep closer to the defenders' positions.

Some of the Col.'s forces gather round their own tank, I think it's a Pz 38t standing in for a T-26 (still on order). The Stuart knocked out it's engine, but it's still dangerous!

The Sikhs holding the center and right flank from rocky hills and forest patches. Both sides take losses.

The long view down the Brit positions from the far left flank. The building is in the center of the battlefield, the Brits managed to get there firstest with the mostest. This is still early in the game, before the Brit left flank commander realized getting closer to the huge mobs of Chinese advancing through the swamp might not be a good idea.

The climax of the game, one of the Chinese Big Swords units comes crashing through the tall grass and attempts to charge the Brit defenders! They are gunned down in heaps! If fact, gunning them down is what provoked this unit to charge ahead of the other units accompanying it through the swamp.

And that was the final event in a fun filled game. China's finest had taken a lot of fire going in, and didn't have the strength to push the Brits out of their positions. The Chinese started out with 2000pts, the Brits 1500. The Brits are Renegade Figs, the Sikhs are Brigade Games (US), and I'm not really sure but I believe the Chinese are Copplestone. I'm sure the Col will point out where his lads originated.

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ColKillgore said...

The Chinese are a combination of Copplestone, Pulp Miniatures, Converted Boltaction Partisans and Renegade german light machine gummers. The mortars are actually Japanese 81mm mortars from TAG minis, and are now fully painted.