Monday, January 6, 2014

My Little World Of Dementia 2013 year in review.

Once again a New Year has arrived, time to take a look back at last year.

First, My Little World has passed the 100,000 page view mark in 2013. The plan was to break the 100k page view mark by December but it was broken in October. My Little World also reached 100 followers and broke the 10,000 page views in October. Allot of thanks goes out to Chuckaroobob and his efforts to keep the blog full of original content. He also has the honor of the most viewed post of the year with his Winston-Salem Airshow 2013 part one. It was far and away the most viewed post of the year and is the third most viewed post since I started keeping track back in 2007. We had 176 posts for the 2013 up 29 posts from 2012's 147. 2013 is also the sixth year for MLWoD. I hope to keep it going for many more.

My gaming for the year mostly consisted of Warhammer 40k. I played more 40k than anything else. Participating in a 40k league and playing in a tournament at Gaming Underground made this a year of 40k. Next most played game is Warhammer Fantasy battle. I participated in a informal map campaign early in the year with my Ogre Kingdom army and picked a couple more games late in the year with my Beastmen army. Flames of War comes in next with several games mostly with the Catawba gamers at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne in Cornelius. Last would be the X-Wing miniature game. Since the young master was gifted several ships at Christmas this year I foresee more X-Wing play on the blog.

I finished painting only 42 miniatures for the year. The majority were models for my Fantasy Battle Vampire Counts army, including some ghouls I finished for the Zomtober painting challenge. Although I didn't complete painting on many models I worked on many projects. Starting with the warhammer Fantasy armies I worked on Ghouls, Skeletons, a Blood Dragon Vampire, Terrorgheist, Grave Guard and Skeleton archers for the Vampire counts. I worked on a variety of models for my Ogre Kingdoms including some Empire Flagellants in stocks and a Celtos Chariot to use for the Ogre baggage train.  I picked up some oop Citadel Beastmen and have lately started back on some chariots and Gors for the Beastmen Fantasy army. I built an oop Orc Wyvren and an oop High Elf Dragon to use as Heldrakes for my 40k Chaos marines and started building a chassis for my oop Skaven Warp Lightning cannon. For warhammer 40k I worked on the Plague Marines, Iron Warriors, World Eaters, Eldar and Imperial Guard. I picked up a bunch of Tau Kroot but they a slated to be used as Parrotmen from Venus in some future Victorian Science Fiction gaming. I worked on my Tilean Mordhein warband but didn't end up playing any games. Similarly I worked on some Warmachine Cygnar Warjacks but again didn't end up playing any Warmachine. I finally finished assembling the Tin Man Horde (not Tharks) Warriors and now just need to paint them. I have the quantum Gothic Communication Dish almost finished maybe this year it will see the table. I am still working on a barbarian band for Get The Girl, Kill The baddies. Last we come to the various Historical projects. I working on adding more infantry to my 15mm early war soviets for Flames of War. I am assembling Soviets in 28mm to fight early war games in Disposable Heroes. I have to finish the Cretan archers I made from Wargames factory Numidians as a start for my Achaemenid Persian ancients army and finally to get the 1/900 scale Napoleonic ship finished for some Heart of Oak naval action.

What to expect in the New Year. Who Knows? At the moment I am working on my Fantasy Beastmen to possibly play in the Fantasy league at Gaming Underground. Another goal is to field a 10,000 point Vampire count army for 8th edition. I have 10k points but not the 2500 points of core models. Once I finish building the latest Skeleton acquisitions I will be very close to the 2500 point mark. I was going to go the no proxy route but if I do proxy in my chaos war hounds for dire wolves I may already have enough models to field the 10k. Will I win,  who knows but it is going to be neat to have 10k of Vampire on the table. Last is the 28mm Early war Soviets. I have all the models for a basic Soviet platoon I just need to finish building them and possibly add a couple Maxim machine guns to round the force out for some Disposable Heroes action.

If you are still reading, then sorry for the wall of text. More interesting post coming soon and thanks for looking.


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