Friday, January 10, 2014

Another group of Second Chance Skeletons

The fruits of Evil bay, another lot of second chance skeletons.

This lot is in a little worse shape than the last group of Second Chance Skeletons I picked up. One good thing about the lot is once I sorted the parts I found the bits for three more skeletons, so 27 instead of 24 models. They came with plenty of extra bits but several of the skeletons had broken arms not included. they still had the shoulder bit left just the rest of the arm gone. Instead of just cutting the shoulders off, I decided to test a conversion idea.

I am trying to avoid using any Tomb King shields. I don't have enough of the old style round shields with the different bosses for the number of skeletons I have. I  looked through my spare shields and decided on using some extra chaos warrior shields to add some variety to the units. The chaos shield is a little big but not too big.

A better view of the conversion. I trimmed down the arm on the back of the shield and hollowed it out. Then I used brass wire to connect the shield to the shoulder.

I added green stuff to fill out the arm. It looks so so at the moment. The truth will come out when it gets painted. In hindsight, I will sculpt the forearm behind the shield before I glue the arm on next time.



Warlord Paul said...

Nice, good rescue skills.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks. I have about thirty or so of the chaos warrior shields surplus to needs. I have started converting several more skeletons to have them. It will break up the monotony of the skeleton hordes. I think it will show that the horde has been assembled from the dead of both sides from many battles. I have been saving up all the beastman skelton heads from the sprues and noew I am thniking about using the skulls to add some raised beastman skeletons.