Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Chuckster in review

Hi Kids,
Well, its a whole new honkin' year, let's see about the ole lead mountain progress report.  A couple years ago I took the TMP "Paint-More-Than-You-Buy"  Pledge  to try to get some kinda control over just how much lead I was accumulating, and keeping track of it has been kinda fun.  Some years I've painted over 1000 figs, but I usually end up buying more than I paint.  This year I got so disgusted with the state of the Basement of Heaped Miniatures that I decided to sell off some of the bottom shelf projects.  This year I took a lot of stuff to the HMGS flea markets and sold some other stuff on ebay, and I would've been in the black except for losing control the last day of Fall In, where I decided to go ahead and pick up enough 25mm Russians to do some Barbarosa action.  And deciding I would never ever get around to painting my 25mm Carthagians and 15mm FOW Italians made a huge difference. 

Anyway, my totals for the year:

Painted: 206
Bought: 254
Sold: 1183

Total change in Lead Mountain: -1135

This is the largest reduction ever, so I actually did great for the year!
Just to show you what I'm up against, here's a picture of my permanently setup painting area in one corner of the Basement.  Keen observers will note there is actually no horizontal surface on which to paint.  I have taken to using those black jewelry display boxes to handle the figs as they go through the process, making my life just a tiny bit easier, as you can keep the relevant colors on the tray also. And I highly recommend a 500watt halogen lamp.  Damn thing'll keep you warm, too!

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