Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oop Citadel Mummies for 10k of Undead

I have been challenged to another game of Warhammer fantasy battle third edition by Chuckaroobob. I have been building up my Vampire count army to be able to field a 10k point army for Warhammer fantasy battle 8th edition. While talking about the army build up to Chuckaroo he said if   I made it to 10k points for 8th edition he would play a 10k point game of  3rd edition Fantasy battle. Sounded like a good plan tome so challenge accepted. The big hurdle for the 8th ed army was assembling 2500 points of core troops and I just about have it now. In 3rd edition you need 50% of the army in troops so 5000 points. After crunching some numbers I needed to pick up some more points. One of the most expensive units are the Mummies at 80 points each and the list allows ten so to evil bay I went. I was shortly rewarded with an inexpensive lot of oop citadel mummies.

One is missing a foot and the other an arm but I did mention they went cheap. I decided to fix the missing foot first.

I added a piece of brass wire to form the armature for the new foot and them pinned the model to its base.

Later with the first round of greenstuff. Another few rounds of greenstuff and it should be ready to go.

I would actually like to get a total of twenty mummies but probably only four more of the citadel Mummies. I will probably pick up a few packs of the Reaper bones mummies and with twenty mummies coming in at 1600 points I will have the 5000 point mark of troops easily cleared.


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Chris said...

Nice bit of Green Stuff work on that mummy. You'd never know if you hadn't said.