Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Beastmen verses Dwarves Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report

The Beastmen take to the field once again. This time 1500 points against Will L's Dwarves.

The Beast Horde. I took a Greatbray shaman with shadow magic, two lvl 2 Bray Shamans with beasts magic, Ghorros Warhoof with six centigors, Four units of ungor raiders with musicians, a block of 35 gors with shields, a tuskgor chariot, and two units of six scouting harpies. Wills army consisted of a Runesmith, a Dragon Slayer, a battle standard bearer, three units of thunderers, a unit of hammerers, a cannon and a organ gun and a unit of dwarf warriors. We rolled meeting engagement for the the deployment. After rolling for reserves I only had one unit of Ungor raiders held in reserve while Will ended up with his unit of dwarf warriors and the Hammerer unit in reserve.

I didn't take a terrain set up picture but this is after my first turn movement. Will set a unit of thunderers up in the tower and deployed the rest on on either side of it. I scouted the harpies close to the dwarf line. To avoid the harpies being targeted by the sorcerous portal in at the end of the table I ran an ungor raider unit out to take a hit for the team. Ghorros and the Centigors rode into the valley of death.

Nothing like a natural 18 roll to cast a spell. you will also notice the mysterious river is placed on the table edge and not down the middle like last game.

The Harpies move up but can't assault first turn.

The Dragon slayer on the other hand has no such limitations.

Ghorros and the Centigors falls in a hail of lead.

The Dragon slayer kills off all but one harpy and turn to meet his doom. In the back you can see that both the Hammerers and dwarf warriors arrive from reserve.

The high point of the game for the Beasts. The Brayshaman and gors charge into the Dragon Slayer while the Chariot charges the Organ gun.

The Dwarf warriors move up as the Dragon slayer whittles down the gor herd.

The cannon drops a couple ungor raiders while the thunderers destroy the chariot..

The thunderers in the tower wipe out the harpy unit.

The other thunderers and hammerers move to close in on the gor herd.

The Dragon slayer finally is finished off but not before killing nine gors.

The Hammerers charge into the gor herd.

The cannon snipes the last bray shaman.

The Hammerers win the combat and the Gors break and the dwarfs run them down. I forgot to bring my Ungor raider unit in but i doubt tit would have made much of a difference.

Another bad day for the beasts. 

What did we learn. Never leave home with out the wargor battle standard bearer, ever. The Wargor with the beast banner would have made all the gors str 4 and they would have had a better chance to finish off the Dragon slayer before he whittled down the gor unit. 

The Gor herd should be forty models strong, thirty five is not enough. I need to have enough models to take casualties and still be able to fight once they cross the table. 

Gors with shields are out. I like the gors with shields and their parry ward save but out of the twenty wounds the gor herd took I made two saves. If I would have had extra hand weapons on the gors instead of shields they would have thrown eight attack against the Dragon slayer instead of the four. Later against the Hammerers I would have thrown 12 attacks instead of 8. Once again if the Wargor with the +1 str Beast banner would have been in the unit they would performed much better. 

Magic worked well enough, I just had my Brayshamans both killed by war machines. I need to either put them in bigger units or keep them out of the line of fire against gun line armies. If I am going to continue to run the Great Bray Shaman as my General in the front of a gor herd I will need to give him a ward save and add a magic weapon so he can help in the combat. 

I still want to use Ghorros and his unit of Centigors just because they are cool. Next time I will try not to run them into the dwarven guns. 

The Tuskgor Chariot did well enough but next time I might bump it up to a Razor gor chariot for that 5 toughness and five wounds. 

I need to rewrite the list and play some more games.


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