Friday, January 31, 2014

Beastman Skeletons for the Horde

The build up for the 10k point Vampire count Skeleton horde continues. The majority of my skeletons are of the older style variety. I have been adding to them slowly when I realized that they are the same skeletons as in the tomb king skeleton warrior box. So I picked up some Tomb King skeletons. The problem is I don't want to use the tomb king shields. So I have a bunch of skeletons and a lack of shields. I started convert some Skeletons to have chaos shields and I found my supply of beastmen shields left over from me building gors with two hand weapons.

The skeleton sprues came with a beast skull so shield problem solved.

I never used the beast skull heads but I saved all the bits. I will add the beast shields and a little more variety to the skeleton mix. Some of the skeletons are not going to have shields but the majority will and that's good enough for me and you never know if in the next Vampire count book there will be an option for skeletons with no shields.

I have almost finished twenty more skeleton spear men to add to my original twenty to form a horde of forty.

More skeletons with hand weapon and shield. The 10k point list I am working toward has a 40 skeleton with spears horde, two forty skeleton with hand weapon and shield and a thirty two skeleton with hand weapon and shield, for 152 skeletons. I have sixty four painted and ready to go so only eighty eight to finish.


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