Monday, February 3, 2014

Liches for 10k of Oldhammer Undead

I have been building an army list the quest to build up 10k of undead for Warhammer Fantasy Battle third edition. I have decided to add a couple Liches to the army. I don't really have any painted Lich models but i thought I had a couple somewhere in the closet of doom.

First not a Lich, but close enough. He is actually an Empire light wizard but once he gets painted he is going for a walk on the dark side. He has the whole Egyptian motif going so he is in.

Marauder gold. This is the model I was looking for. He is the Liche from the Marauder MM51 Undead characters. I had previously been getting him ready to paint and use as a necromancer but the new army book put a stop to the all Necromancer army and it didn't get finished.

Another good find in the "Closet of Doom" a Warhammer Quest tomb guardian. He will see the field as an undead champion in one of the skeleton units. Another model that has been in a box for a long time.


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