Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wip Bolt Action WWII Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha

I have had this type 97 Chi-HA tank for awhile. I picked it up to add some more armor support for the Japanese/Chinese after earlier facing the king of the Pacific battlefield the M3 Stuart. I set down to clean the flash off of the hull but it was almost clean of any flash. One thing lead to another and I cleaned up the tracks and started gluing on the hatches.

The first track in place waiting for the epoxy to cure.

The kit didn't come with magnet so I added my own. The turret will eventually have a metal rail so I decided to use the magnets to try and keep the rail on as long as possible.

The second track attached. The cannon and machine gun barrels are small and I will probably end up pinning them on just to be safe.

more later

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