Monday, July 7, 2014

After the 4th Prime Fest

I finally managed to get my backlog of miniatures primed. After hurricane Arthur passed it left almost optimal weather conditions here, so I took advantage.

The first box is models for the impending Oldhammer Undead game. Twenty Skeletons with hand weapon and shield, twenty skeletons with Shield and spear, two skeleton archers, a three model skeleton command, five skeleton grim reapers with scythes and last ten oop citadel mummies. All of these have been languishing in a box for months.

The second batch is a bit more mixed. For the Undead army are six oop Carrion with riders, twenty beastman skeletons with hand weapon and shield and ten skeleton crossbowmen. The others are for my Astra Militarium/ Imperial guard 40k army, six Ratling snipers and a collection of converted catachans to use as a veteran squad with my Sgt Harker conversion.

I don't normally post about priming models but these have been waiting for months. Things have been a little slack on My Little World the last few months mostly because of a combination of Family and work but I still am aiming for that 10,000 points of Undead for an Oldhammer game before the summer is over.


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