Friday, July 18, 2014

Leninade: Join the Party! & Mystery Vacation

Ok kids, I know this is a massive waste of internet space but I got such a kick outta this stuff  I figured they deserved some free advertising.  Available for sale at the Atlanta airport, its Leninade!  With slogans like "Join the Party", "Get Hammered and Sickled" and "A taste worth standing in line" how can you go wrong?  I was so charmed I brought a bottle home with me.

 So why was I in the Atlanta airport?  There's a well known saying in air travel; (no its not "Got time to spare, travel by air" or "its got its ups and downs") "You can't get to hell without changing planes in Atlanta."  While hell was not my destination of choice, here are some shots of my recent vaca; would anybody care to guess where I went? Of course, some of you already know.
The view from the house.

 Sunset approaches.
 After a rain shower, a view up the hill behind the house.
 Blending in with the locals.  Yeah, right.
 Sunset arrives.
 Damn that sun is bright.  Looks like I'm missing some teeth in this shot.  Maybe its the lack of oxygen.
 One of the many waterfalls.
And one last view of yet another sunset.    That roof is the pool house.
There are quite a few more pictures, of course, but somehow subjecting everyone to vacation slides seems obnoxious.  If you guys want to see more, leave a comment.  Otherwise I probably won't post anymore unless I get terribly bored.

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Chris said...

Looks like you had a good time Chuck, and that beverage seems revolutionary.