Friday, July 11, 2014

Chowing down at "Proud Bird" restaurant amongst Aviation History

Hi Kids,  Here we are still in LA, once again on the approach path to the LAX runway.  This time we're a little further away and on the south side on the landing threshold.  There's a restaurant named "Proud Bird" which I've wanted to go to for years, and we finally made it there.  Inside the building they've got a huge amount of aviation pictures and museum type displays, we were in a rush so only took pictures of the outside.  Maybe on my next trip I'll be able to pay more attention to the rest.  Here's a P-38, sitting outside the terrace.
 And some groovy nose art on the other side of the P-38's cockpit.
 Looks like an F6F Hellcat.
 With an Avenger next to it.

 It ain't all WW2, here's an X-1!  Is it the one our man Chuck Yeager took through the sound barrier?  Maybe....
 The Bamboo Bomber!  To be honest, this looks like a Beech 18.  Could I be wrong?  Probably.
 Told you we were close to the runway.  The DC3 sits idle while commercial air keeps getting it done in the background.
 An A-4 Skyhawk.  Called the Spad during the Vietnam war.  I think this is what McCain was flying when he was shot down over North Vietnam. His probably had a different paint scheme.  They used them in the movie "Top Gun" as Aggressors.  The Blue Angels used them after the F-4's, no doubt mechanics everywhere rejoiced at the change.  Exxon probably didn't dig it as much.

A Spad of another era, a World War One Spad 13.  Our boys flew them against the Huns.

 A MiG-15.  About 25 years ago the Chinese started selling these to US collectors/pilots.  IIRC you could pick one up for about US$50,000, complete with guns and ammo. Nobody told the Chinese to unload them.  Apparently the FAA took a real dim view of those first shipments. 
Looks like a Fokker D7.  A plane outlawed by treaty at the end of the WW1.
 Another Korean War relic; Trainer version, T-33.  Fighter version, P-80.  Probably not a huge difference at this point.  A couple years ago there was one on the airshow circuit.

 A Boeing 777 blasts by on the glidepath.
 While a Boeing 747 positions and holds for take off clearance.

 Out in front of the restaurant are some pedestal mounts.  This one is a P-51.  Looks like it could be a Red Tail.
 And an F4U Corsair.  Why are the wings bent like that?  To keep the 14 ft prop from hitting the ground!
With a nod to the Brits, a Spitfire.  Three bladed prop, bubble canopy, maybe a Mk5?

 Last but not least, a SPD Dauntless, the plane that won the Battle of Midway!  And thereby decided WW2 in the Pacific!  That could be my brother and nephew.  Maybe.
While its obviously not a plane, I thought this car sticker was amusing.  It was on a Dodge Durango.  Yep, that's my reflection.  Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

The A-4 Skyhawk was called "The Scooter" by USN & USMC drivers..."SPAD" referred to the Douglas AD-1 Skyraider -- a Korean & Vietnam War era 4-blade turboprop fighter/bomber/liaison/jammer aircraft flown by the USN & USAF...