Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reaper bones Flesh Golems as proxy Crypt Horrors

I have talked allot about building up 10k points of Undead army for an Oldhammer Fantasy battle. I am really close to hitting the mark. With all the basic troops I have amassed it isn't a big jump to field a regular Vampire Counts army in the 10k point range. One thing my Vampire lack for the current book is a heavy hitting unit and I thought to add a big block of Crypt horrors. At US$47 for three crypt horrors it is going to have to be proxy all the way.

Enter Reaper Bones and their Flesh Golem miniature. Once you put them on a 40mm base I think they are going to work fine as stand in Crypt Horrors. The good part is that the golems can be bought for US$3 or less each. That is the best part went you plan to field a unit of fifteen models.


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