Monday, July 14, 2014

Cauldron 2014 RDU Gameday

Hi Kids,  I've been slack!  (Shocking, I know)  I totally forgot to post the pix from the not-so-recent gameday the Raleigh lads set up at the Atomic Comics store in Durham!  Since everything in gaming has to have a code name, this event was dubbed "Cauldron." This was the second gameday this year.  These gamesdays are a recent phenomenon, the idea at this point is to have 3 or 4 every year, depending on how many people are interested.  We had about 15-20 gamers show up for the historical games, there were also a like number of guys doing Infinity, a large group of Magic types, and a few 40K'ers.
The first few shots are of all the different game setups, this one is 20mm Low Level Hell in Vietnam.
This one was a pulp game.
This one was 28mm Pulp archaeology based somewhere in Eygpt.  Indiana Jones returns!
This was a 40mm Indian Wars game.
The lads from Magic outnumbered everyone else combined.  What a shock.
And there was an Infinity Tournament going on that Saturday, too.  I didn't even know there was such a thing in the area.  Guess I should get out more.  Some of the tables looked real cool.  Some of these shots were taken during the games, so don't be surprised to see some figs sneaking around.  I've always liked the figures for Infinity, but have only bought a couple and have never played it. 

I like the look of this table!  Not sure what those green walker mechs on the left might be.

I played in Famous Bruce's game of Low Level Hell.  This thing was my chopper.  Yeah, if I had thought of it I'd have been Big Duke 6.  The point of the mission was to rescue some downed pilots.  You can see some VC below my ship.
The choppers buzz around blasting everything in sight except each other.  I really like these games when all the players work together against a common foe, in this case run by Bruce.
Turn one and our scout chopper gets shot down!  Charlie is on the spot!  Bruce said that was the second time the scout had been shot down, the other time was 10 years ago.  Some guys are just lucky I guess.  The gamer got a new chopper and rejoined the game, with blood in his eye this time.
Meanwhile the Indians are getting too close for comfort out west.
And the pulpers are getting their camels out of the free fire zone.
Holy Smokes!  Somebody rubbed the wrong lamp in a big way!
Meanwhile its mission accomplished in Vietnam, a slick picks up the jet pilots.  Now we just have to rescue the helicopter pilots.

An F100 Super Saber in the weeds!
The Chuckster gives 'em both barrels!

Infinity in progress!
Whoa!  Who showed up for 15mm WW2?  A German Assault Gun moves through the rubble.
More Infinity in progress.  I really, really like this table.  I can see myself coming up with stuff like this for my Giant Stompy Robot set up.  Project #847.  I'll have to get back to you with the details.  I wish I had more time to eyeball this setup!  And somebody's finally getting some use out of those horrid squeeze bottle paints!
And a final shot of a desert town for Infinity. 
It looks like gaming is alive and well in the RDU area of NC.  (Too bad  Winston-Salem has become the black hole of culture, but thems the breaks...)  The RDU lads are trying to figure out if they should continue putting on two full sized cons every year (Spring Fever, Southern Front; attendance in the 150+ range) or do a bunch of these gamedays instead, or a combination of both.  It just depends of who wants to do what.  For the up-to-date skinny just check the TSS ("Triangle Simulation Society") yahoogroup or forum.  If you live somewhat locally, feel free to put in your two cents.  Its about 70 miles from here, and I made the trip!


ColKillgore said...

I had a great time even though I was playing the shot down scout helo. I guess I should post up my pictures too.

tomw said...

Quite jealous of those tables. Just moved to Middle Georgia, and it looks like the community might just be me...