Saturday, February 9, 2013

Williamsburg Muster Additional AAR

 Hi Kids,  One of the minions sent in some additional pictures (and a lot better ones than mine!) of the recent Williamsburg Muster con.  So let's check 'em out!  Here we have "The Sword & The Flame" with the French Foreign Legion defending a fort out in the middle of nowhere.
 Reinforcements march up the road while being assaulted from both map edges, and extra platoons swings around the back of the fort.

 Arabs closing the gap.
 Arab cavalry hits the FFL, getting crushed in the melee.
The arab players sweating it out.
 Here we have some more shots of the "Colonial Adventures" game from Two Hour Wargames.  The same folks who publish 5150 Star Army and Chain Reaction.  The Brits have formed a battle line to best use firepower against the poor heathen savages.
 Not the type to slink away, the slavers charge foward, reaching the thin red line from one flank to the other.  The Brits are getting thin, while Queen Vicky herself uses her sporting shotguns to defend justice, liberty, and afternoon tea. Her unit is in the trees to the left of the picture.
 Another crisis averted!  The Sikhs are still in good shape while most of the other Brit units have taken a pounding.  The slavers have either fallen in battle or run for the hills.
Right, wot's all this then?  The final moments of Avalon Hill's "The Longest Day" game the Yadkin lads have been playing for the last 10 months!  The Allies have broken through the German lines there in the corner of the board, assuring victory.  What will these hardcore  gamers do next?  Highway to the Reich?  La Bataille de la Moscowa?  They do undates on Consimworld for those dedicated to those games with 60 page rulebooks.

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