Friday, February 1, 2013

Baggage Train for Fantasy Battle campaign

With my return to playing some third edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle games and needing one for a local map campaign I plan to play in, I have started working on a baggage train for my Ogre Knigdoms warhammer fantasy army.

After contemplating raiding some kits and/or completely scratchbuilding a wagon, I remembered the celtos chariots I picked up in the dark distant past. I cleaned one up and them mocked up the carriage to see how much stowage it would hold. A little experimentation later and the correct number of six barrels from the ogre kingdom sprue would fit nicely.

The problem with the barrels are they have a cut out on the back were they are meant to be glued to an ogres belt. So a little greenstuff later and problem solved.

I want to be able to either change out the load or use it as a Celt chariot if the whim strikes me so I have glued the barrels to a piece of sheet styrene that can be removed. I positioned all the barrels so that the greenstuffed sides are on the inside and concealed.

The load final assembly. You can see that the sheet is higher on one end. I glued a piece of styrene strip so that it will lock into the gap in the chariot bed where the warrior's base would normally go.

Now I just need to prime the barrels and finish painting the chariot.



Impcommander said...

smashing good stuff there :D

ColKillgore said...

The good thing is I think I have two or three more of the chariots if I want to make more.


Chris said...

Great looking wagon. Makes me want to work on something for my army... but I am lazy. *Le sigh*