Monday, February 4, 2013

Ogre Kingdom Iron Guts Wip

I have been working on getting my Ogre Kingdoms warhammer fantasy battle army to three thousand points, without buying any thing new.  I started my Ogre obsession with a Gogfag's maneaters unit in my Dogs Of War army back before there was an Ogre Kingdom army. I had traded for an ogre army back in the day that had some of the Iron Gut sprues. I later picked up another box of Ironguts so I could field a decent sized unit. That would have been about 2008, the last time I really played the ogres.

I had eight sets of the Iron Guts great weapons so I used a spare ogre bull to make the standard bearer and a second spare to make the Iron gut Gutlord. I figured the standard bearer could have a regular weapon but the Gutlord had to have a great weapon. So I raided my stock of styrene and built him a great weapon.

I added a skull to the pommel and a skull to each end of the guard.

A little green stuff  and a bunch of sanding later.

I thought about adding a regular ogre weapon to the standard bearer but decided to convert up something to make him stand out. I took the bottom of a chaos marauder banner and pinned it to the hand of the standard bearer. I drilled a hole through the cap on the now upright marauder standard pole. I cut the chains off of two marauder flails and drilled through the last link on all four pieces. Last I took a piece of brass wire and threaded the four chains onto it and glued the two ends of the wire into the predrilled holes in the top of the handle. A little super glue to hold the chains in place and another characterful weapon ready to go.

Now I just need some good weather to get them primed.


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