Monday, February 18, 2013

After Six Months in the Wilderness: WarHordes AAR

 Hi Kids, Its been at least six months since we dusted off the steam lads, my pal Bryan convinced me to play a South Dakota Grudge Match using Warmachine and Hordes.  Play like you've got a pair! I set the internal whine-o-meter to 11 and got the lads to the field of battle.  Here we have the strong-limbed showroom-fresh clean-living forces of all that is Good and Right in the world, Khador!  Two Juggernauts, a Destroyer, a Devastator, 3 Men of War, a Khovnik, and faithful dog Fido all lead into battle by Keysor Soze.  I've called the Butcher "Keysor Soze" ever since that classic line in "The Usual Suspects" referring to him as "some kind of butcher." I'm sure Del Toro would be proud!
 Here we have the other side, representing all things natural including but not limited to snakes and snails and puppy dog's tails, the unwashed masses of The Circle. Two devil dogs, two warpwolves, a hydraulic ram, three super dogs and 10 skirmishers chicks all lead by Caster Chick.  Unfortunately I don't own or know anything about Hordes, so you'll have to take my nomenclature with a grain of salt.  Maybe a fistful.
 Girls Gone Wild: at the end of the first contact, the Skirmisher Girls have javelined the three Men at war to bits! Weapon masters all, The Skirmisher Girls give the highly polished Khador lads a rough start!
Lead by the Devastator firing off a "Rain of Death" blast, the Khador heavies move in and swing for the fences against the skirmishers, dropping all but two in the scrum.
The battle develops!  Out on the Khador right flank, two hell hounds and the remaining Skirmisher Girls fight it out while the rest of the Circle swings around for a flank attack from the left.  Khador backs up to concentrate on the right. The three SuperDogs in left foreground get beat up by magic and bombard shots.

 When Warpwolves go bad!  Spot the warpwolf blows its fury roll and attacks its own warcaster! Luckily we remembered Horde types can transfer damage to other models or she'd be in real trouble!
 The Last of the Skirmisher Girls scores a double 6 result and puts the Khovnik down!
 The PowerRam goes down hard after being shelled by the Destroyer and pummelled by the Devastator! The first of the warpwolves attacks one of the Juggs!  At this point I thought I had the game in the bag; 4 Khador heavies vs. two mangy dogs.
 But not so fast!  The warpwolves go into overdrive and rip two heavies asunder! Warcaster Girl goes into smitedown mode and launches repeated magic attacks at Keysor, but for the first time in the game (well, except for that Fury check) the dice turn away and she rolls nothing but misses! We're back to even odds; two creatures on each side, backed by the warcasters. In this shot Keysor Soze has just charged into melee to kills off an enemy heavy.
The end of the game:  While the warpwolf tears into another Jugg Keysor  sneaks up on Warcaster Chick and real subtle-like beats her down!  Although it was touch and go there for awhile Khador emerges triumphant!  Fido wags his tail, which is pretty much the only thing he accomplished the entire game.

Eagle-eyed viewers might notice that unlike 99% of my pictures more than one mini is in focus!  This is due to me finding the instructions to my digital camera and reading how to increase the depth of field.  I am overjoyed.  Yes, I readily admit my camera is much smarter than I am.

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