Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Titans! Digital Aperture Adventures! Strange figs from long ago!

 Hi Kids, I've decided to do something about the massively out of focus pictures I take with my digital SLR.  My Sony Alpha camera is a lot smarter than I am and yet still the vast majority of my pictures are dreadfully out of focus.  I realized this was due to the depth of field aspect of photography and set out to correct it.  Instead of a narrow depth of field (where only one rank of figures are in focus) I found the instruction manual (oh happy day!) and figured out how to add a much wider focus depth by adjusting the aperture setting.    I was hanging out in the Basement and just tried out a few snaps.  These pictures are the results.  First off are the gang of 40K Titans; a Reaper (unnamed), two Warhounds (the white one is Stronium Dog, the black one Titanium Duke), and an Eldar Knight (also unnamed).  If anyone has any name suggestions I'm willing to accept recommendations.  I have another 3 titans packed away someplace but they are unpainted. Painting these things is a major bitch and takes huge amounts of time, so naturally I never got around to it.  To be honest I only painted Titanium Duke, the others were bought already painted.  Can you see how both titans are in focus?  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............................
 With all the internet buzz about Warzone's 6th rebirth, I thought I'd snap some pics of their fantasy figs called Chronopia; these are some topless amazon types, along with some standard dark elves. I use all these figs in my Dark Elf army. Except I don't play fantasy anymore.  Oh well.
 That central block are Chronopia Elf Axemen, I bought 16 of their "Leader" figure cause he is so incredibly cool.  I tend to do that a lot; find a cool fig, buy a pile, toss 'em in the basement.  These guys were all lucky to make it to the painting table. On the left are some Void Winged Demonette types, in back some Marauder Dark Elf Skirmishers, and even some Irregular lady dark elves on the right, behind the Minifigs "World of Greyhawk" guys. Those triangular standard bearers are Grenadier.  Yep, those are some 2nd ed plastic Dark Elf Crossbowmen from the original "Regiments" boxed set on the right.  Maybe someday I'll make a spreadsheet with all this stuff.  Uh-huh. Sure I will.
 Ahhhh, the beauty of aperture settings!  So many figs, all in focus.  Once again with the Cybertronic Chausseurs!
 Maybe I need to check out that "Macro" setting.  It's intended for tiny objects....
Woefully out of focus.  Never again!  Can't wait to try out a battle report with my new knowledge!

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ColKillgore said...

Chuckaroo, If you would paint up the other titans you could field about a 10k point apocalypse army and only have 6 models to move. You just need to break out of the "not painting titans" rut and get going. You have plenty of time to finish them by March 16th, so The Basement of Heaped Miniatures can represent in the World's Biggest Apocalypse game. I will bring my Plague towers, Contagions, Phantom Titan and other super heavies and let the destruction follow.