Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Progress on Cretan Archers for Achaemenid Persians

I made some more progress on the Cretan archers.  The figures are Wargames factory Numidians. The one problem I have with the box is that I wanted twenty archers but the Numidian box only comes with fourteen bows. I debated buying another box of Numidians but instead went with bows in quivers from the Persian Infantry. So the round out figures and the command will all have bows on the back in case I run into a wysiwyg fanatic.

Here is the Musician for the Cretan archers. These are the first wargames factory Numidians I have put together and I am still getting a feel for how the arms are posed. I like this pose but still need to go back and add some greenstuff.

Here is the unit champion. He has the plumed helmet from the Numidian sprue and a ready for action pose. The Cretans were mercenaries hired by just abut everyone in the ancient world and had a reputation as not afraid to get into hand to hand combat. I plane to give them all a bow, a sword and a shield but only the command models will have helmets.

The unit standard bearer. He doesn't have his sword or bow on his back yet and needs a bit of greenstuff but  I like the pose.

The whole group of Cretan Archers. I have two more to finish to make twenty. They will be armed with sword and shield and have the bow quiver on their back. The different equipped figures with add that bit of variety to make the unit more interesting on the table top.



Chris said...

Looks like a good start, even if they are a bunch of "cretins". Har de har har!

ColKillgore said...

The funny thing is to field the archers I first need a unit of Hoplites. So it seems Hoplites are going to be next in the assembly line.


Chris said...

You've won a Liebster Award, check my blog for the details.