Monday, November 5, 2012

New Terrain Easter Island Heads

 Hi Kids,  Haven't been doing very much mini-wise lately, but I finally got around to finishing some 25mm terrain that's been sitting around for a couple years.  First off are two Moi; aka Easter Island Heads from Armorcast.  Don't know if they still make these, they are the riveted together steam sci-fi version.  I have some of the normal carved in stone ones, too, but have no idea where they might be in the Basement.  These things were so freakin' easy to paint up I should've done it 10 years ago! They are mounted on washers with dyed sawdust as flocking.  Shown for scale is a 15mm Quality Castings Israeli Super Sherman (avail from 19th Century Miniatures now) and an Olde School Citadel "Chainsaw Warrior" from the late 1980's or so.
And here we have two standing stones from Iron Wind.  I originally painted them black with about 3 drybrushes of ever lighter greys, but decided  it didn't show up well and went back with a medium blue and then gold for the engraving.  I think they look pretty darn Celtic.  They are mounted on old cd's, covered in kitty litter.  I'd like to point out after making all those jungle bases last year I'm running out of old cd's so if anyone has any crap like Lenard Skinnerd (sic) or Prince (aka "TAFNAP" (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)) I could put them to good use (probably for the first time since they were pressed).

I've been working on some more Kryomek vehicles since I got all revved up over Ogre, right now there are 5 in various stages of completion.  There are about 10 more to go after that, although I have already started getting distracted by the T-80's from Imprint I bought at Historicon.  Too many projects!


Powerposey said...

I like those Moi. I haven't seen them in a long time.

ColKillgore said...

I am surprised that the Blood Monkey wasn't hanging around them.


Chuckaroobob said...

Blood Monkey!!!!!!!!!!
Wish I had thought of that.