Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Skeleton Grim Reapers for Undead army

The lads over at GameOnGw are planning another Games day on 15Dec2012. This year they are having it at Gaming Underground in High Point NC. The goal is to get people together for some good Games Workshop gaming. I was talking to Chuckaroobob about whether he was going to the games day or not and he wasn't planning to. So after a bit of reminiscing about the golden days of third edition warhammer fantasy we decided to play a game of third edition and possibly another game of Rogue Trader at the Games Day.

My first army for third edition was built up from a Slaanesh Chaos warband. A bunch of the models from that army have either had the paint striped off of them or been rebased the last time I was working on my chaos warriors .I probably have enough Beastmen but would have to finish up a bunch by December 15th.  We are going to play with all painted figures so my next two choices were  my Vampire Counts or Empire. With all of the work I have done on the Vampires they get the nod.

I started reading up on the Undead army from the 3rd edition Warhammer Armies book. Once again Game workshop came back to make fun of me. Back when I was updating my army for fifth edition fantasy battle, I had broken off all the scythes from my unit of Skeleton Grim reapers. I used those models to round out a unit of skeleton swordsmen. So back to the bits box, the only good thing about being a little bit of a pack rat.

After a dive into the bits box I came back with ten scythes from my original Skeleton army box. The one problem is that all of the shoulders on the arms had to be drilled out where I had broken them off years ago. A bit of drilling later and I could glue them back on to the skeletons.

The unit starts to take form. Nothing like a pile of over twenty year old bits being put back into use.

The unit of Grim Reapers ready for some primer. So the first ten are complete but I want a unit of twenty.

I have been in the bits box again and will post up about the second half of the unit.



Impcommander said...

those are great looking!

ColKillgore said...

I have another batch coming up tomorrow. I will have them on the table Wednesday if I can make it out to games workshop night at Gaming Underground.


CJP said...

Nice looking unit! Something in the water indeed; I used new skellies from ebay but dug out as many lance arms from the Skeleton Army box as I could find to arm them with.

The scythes and lances from that box were both great. Glad to seem them getting more use there as well. :)

ColKillgore said...

I have finished painting the Grim Reapers you can see them here,