Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vampire Counts Armored Skeleton unit new additions

While going through my Vampire counts bits box last month I found four of the armored torsos from the old skeleton sprue. With the changes to magic and a Vampire counts abilities to summon more models to a unit in eighth edition, I decided to build a few more skeletons to bulk up my armored skeleton unit.

The four new Skeletons.  The new additions take the unit to twenty four models, adding a Necromancer for twenty five. It will let them take a few casualties and still keep their rank bonus.

The full unit of Armored Skeletons, they are a mix of figures many from across the history of Warhammer fantasy battles miniatures. In the front rank, the two models on the far right and far left are actually from the first Skeleton army box I bought back in '89 or '90. That was long before GW split the Undead into Vampire counts and Tomb Kings for sixth edition Warhammer fantasy Battle. The box came with enough figures to build thirty infantry, eight cavalry and a undead chariot, for around twenty five dollars, those were the day. I am still kicking myself for only buying one.
The command figures are the metal Armored Skeleton Command from around 1998. I picked them up discounted and they sat in the bits box until I started ramping up my Vampire counts army in 2005. The champion was originally a Wight champion leading the unit, but is now just another skeleton.
The rest of the unit are made up of the plastic skeletons from around 2000. The skeletons came four on a sprue but only one torso had any sort of armor, so I ended up with a bunch of the oop skeletons unbuilt in a box.
Back a couple editions the Lahmian vampires had the option to field skeleton archers. I still have a few of the skeleton archers from the original Skeleton army box. I planned to build enough archers using Tomb King archer arms to field a couple units, but once again GW released a new army book and did away with the cool modeling option I wanted to build.
I don't have the current Vampire count army book but it would seem that all skeletons now come equipped with light armor and it doesn't matter if you have to show a difference in armored and unarmored skeletons. Once again the fickle ways of army book design.

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Impcommander said...

looking classy. I love those skeletons.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, I still have a bunch I need to build.