Monday, November 26, 2012

Kryomek Tanks Ready for Battle

 Hi Kids, Just a quick update of whats been going on around the BOHM.  Finally sealed 5 Kryomek vehicles; 2 tanks, 1 missile tank, 1 APC and 1 assault gun.  That tank commander is an old Void mini, they used to sell them in packs of 3.
Soon the managery will be complete, the only things I lack are 5 more vehicles which are on order even as we speak.  Once they arrive I'll be able to build the final 11 and this project will be officially over!  Wow!  It's exciting ever to type it. A finished project!  You can see all the other tanks on my earlier entry "Ogre Miniatures a-go-go!"
Oh dammit!  I just remembered I need to order more parts to kitbash the mobile howitzers!  RATS!
And I still have to build/paint their opponents!  Oh well....

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