Friday, September 9, 2011

Ork Kustom Battle Fortress conversion

I have been assembling an Ork force for Apocalypse games. One thing I lack is battle wagons to carry the lads into battle. I picked up a couple of toy trucks at Goodwill and came up with a plan.

Here are the trucks. They seemed a bit large for battle wagons but I figured I could make them work.

Once I took them apart, I was sure they were way too big to be used as battle wagons, so instead they will be Kustom Battle Fortresses. The first problem was that all the molded bits had to go, time to break out the dremel tool.

After a good while of sawing and grinding I have flattened out the top of the hulls. Here is a group of twenty boys to show how big it is. The Battle fortress holds thirty models so I should have plenty of room to carry the load of boys when I am finished.

A picture of both hulls. the one with the boys is from the humvee toy and is about ready to start on. The dunebuggy one on the other hand is going to need some card put down to cover the holes left from were the seats were.

The toys are way too high off of the ground so I will add some half inch foam to the bottoms to bulk them up and add a little more thickness to them. After cutting the foam I hit a snag when I found my tube of liquid nails had dried up so I am at a standstill until I make a supply run.

The Kustom Battle fortress can have three big gun turrets and I am leaning towards either all big zzappas, all flakka-guns or a combination of the two. I am thinking about having magnetized turret so I can swap them out for some variety. When I get my gargant built having two Kustom battle fortresses with three flakka-guns each will keep the the flyers wary.

All thoughts until I get the hulls finished.



Michael Awdry said...

Ingenious idea Colonel, looking forward to seeing how they turn out, all the best, Michael

ColKillgore said...

Thanks. It will probably be another slow burn project but I think they will look good when finished. I am thinking about casting in resin the flakka-guns once I get a master built. It will save me alot of time instead of having to scratch build six of them.